Introducing Photon Financial Hub Cloud

Photon Financial Hub Cloud on SAP HANA and SAP Analytics Cloud

The Photon Financial Hub Cloud is a Sub Ledger and Accounting Engine which is specifically designed for SAP Customers in the Capital Markets and Insurance sectors.  The Financial Hub is cloud native and is deployed on SAP HANA and leverages the latest SAP tools such as SAP Analytics Cloud and SAP Datasphere.

Photon Software is an SAP Partner and is listed on the SAP Store.  Photon will support the key requirement of Cloud Native Sub Ledger for SAP clients who are looking to move from ECC to cloud version of S/4HANA or indeed implement a best practice thin ledger / detailed Sub Ledger model all within a single stack SAP environment.

Adam Hill, Managing Director and Co-Founder, commented “Having worked in the Sub Ledger and Accounting Engine markets since my Natwest Market days in 1998, I have been solving problems for Capital Markets Finance and Product Control functions for over 30 years.   The Photon Financial Hub Cloud is the culmination of all this experience and benefits from my experience in having built and launched two previous Sub Ledger products already in my career.  The product has the features that are now traditional in an Accounting Hub and Sub Ledger architecture, while benefiting from a complete redesign, a new approach to ease of use and flexibility, the latest technology and many functional enhancements. It now covers Financial and Product control and is closely aligned with SAP architecture and concepts. We are looking forward to working closely with SAP to service their Capital Markets customers and help them attract new customers in the Banking, Insurance and Asset Management space.

Paul Newton, Chief Revenue Officer and Co-Founder of Photon Software, commented:  “The Capital Markets has traditionally been a complex area for Accounting Engines and Sub Ledgers to service.  I’m excited by what Photon has developed for the SAP eco-system and fits squarely into the market need for a high volume, Capital Markets instrument ready, granular accounting engine and sub ledger specifically written on the SAP S/4HANA platform.  Customers previously had to choose between a “Best of Breed” Sub Ledger or a “Single Stack” environment which was often a great fit technology wise but too generic in functionality for Banking/Capital Markets/Insurance customers.   With the Photon Financial Hub Cloud they can have both, the “Best of Breed” Capital Markets features such as summary to detailed balance drill down within a native single stack SAP environment with seamless integration / drill back from the SAP S4/HANA GL and the TCO benefits that brings.