Introduces Photon Financial Hub Cloud

A Sub Ledger and Accounting Engine purpose-built for SAP users in Financial Services


A Financial Services Accounting Hub which
  • Includes a Multi-GAAP, Multi-Entity, Multi-Currency Accounting Engine and Sub Ledger 
  • Performs configurable granular accounting at a transaction (& product/book) level, not just at a consolidated level
  • Allows drill down from summary to detailed balances to transactions (SAP S/4HANA to Sub Ledger to source system)
  • Provides P&L Explain calculations and Profitability analysis 
  • Contains fit for purpose Capital Markets data model covering Equity, Bonds, FX, MM, Loans & Deposits, Commodities, Derivatives and Structured Products
The system is for SAP users in the Financial Services arena.
  • Supports Finance in the move to Cloud
  • Supports Financial Control and Product Control in Financial Services
  • Reduced risk through increased transparency and granular accounting data
  • Reduced time to close
  • Reduction in manual processing


Drill seamlessly from summary to detailed balances to transactional details

  • Photon’s Financial Hub allows the user to drill from the summary balances in the SAP S/4HANA General Ledger down to detailed balances at a transaction level, then to the transaction in the Photon Sub Ledger. This gives the user unparalleled capability for investigation and analysis.
Single Source of Truth through Standardised Multi-GAAP Accounting
  • The Capital Markets environment is typified by multiple trading and settlement systems, causing accounting differences and preventing a unified view of the institution.
  • Photon’s Financial Hub performs the accounting in a controlled and centralised platform, eliminating inconsistencies.


Native support for Capital Markets products

  • Photon Financial Hub Cloud can handle a wide range of instruments including bonds, equities, FX, MM, exchange traded options and futures, swaps, loans and deposits, commodities, repo and reverse repo, mortgages, and other complex derivatives such as CDOs, asset backed liabilities, etc.

Extensive Financial and Product Control functionality

  • Industry specific capabilities include user definable Multi-GAAP accounting, Sub Ledger and Reporting including Summary P&L, Detailed P&L, Trial Balance, Transaction reports, P&L Explain, Flash P&L, Product Control workflow and SAP Analytics user interface supporting business agility.




  • I have 30 years’ experience in the Financial arena creating several generations of Accounting Hub products. My products have been highly successful in two other companies and I have decades of experience of design, pre-sales, project management and delivery.
  • My mission is to help companies in sectors such as banking, investment banking, insurance, and telecommunications to reduce costs, increase transparency, and facilitate value-added analysis of their accounting data.
  • I have a proven track record of delivering cutting-edge solutions that leverage the latest in-memory technology, data modelling, and business intelligence. I have also been the original designer of the Aptitude Accounting Hub, and Legerity products, which are used by leading firms worldwide.
  • I am passionate about solving complex accounting challenges and creating products that enable profitability and growth.


CO-FOUNDER & CRO (Chief Revenue Officer)

  • As a Co-Founder of Photon Software, I am passionate about Finance and the CFO office and have been heavily involved in the sales and marketing of packaged Finance Solutions including Sub Ledger, Accounting Engine, IFRS Engines not only for Photon but also previously for both Aptitude Software and Wolters Kluwer in the UK and North America.
  • A “rainmaker” with 28 years in the software business, a demonstrable track record of new business success in the Financial Markets of the UK, Europe, Asia, Middle East and North America.
  • In the past 28 years I have held roles at Sales Director and VP Level in the UK and North America for software businesses globally and have successfully launched and operated my own Sales and Marketing business – G2M Solutions for the past 11 years, driving success for many software clients in launching new propositions, breaking into new markets and generally being a “Pioneer”!