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Accounting in banking, insurance, telecommunications and other sectors can be difficult due to the increasing complexity of new regulation, the speed of technical innovation and the limitations of older architectures.

Photon Financial Hub - What is it?

A very high-speed cloud-based system performing rules based accounting on transactional sources, generating a rich resource of reconciled data on which added value processes like P&L explain, risk finance and profitability can be calculated.

Who is it for?

Any sector which has complex and voluminous accounting requirements such as banking, investment banking, insurance, telecommunications and others

How does this assist your company?

Photon’s Financial Hub reduces costs of manual effort and reconciliation, and greatly increases the transparency of your accounting data. It facilitates value added analysis and problem detection, making Finance an enabler of profitability and reducing corporate risk.


The Photon Financial Hub takes standardised transactions, valuations, cash flows, etc from source systems and performs rule based accounting on them.

The resulting journals update detailed and summary balances in a Sub-Ledger, which are reconciled to the stored incoming transactions.

The resulting hub of high quality information becomes a resource on which P&L explain, risk-finance analysis, profitability and other functions can add value.

The hub will feed the general ledger, risk systems, produce reports and downloads, act as a base for AI modules, etc.

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Adam Hill

I have 30 years’ experience in the Financial arena creating several generations of Accounting Hub products. My products have been highly successful in two other companies and I have decades of experience of design, pre-sales, project management and delivery.

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